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Welcome to the new website of the Association,

The site has just been renovated in its presentation and content.

The renovation of the site includes a new home page, a new menu, an upgrade of all articles and a new presentation of the database.

Regarding the elements of the database, more than 50% have been updated ; in order to differentiate the unprocessed elements you will have the image :

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You will understand, easily, that it is possible that certain functionality could present inconsistencies; for that if you notice anomalies, you can contact the Association.

In advance, we thank you for your understanding.


Enter the world of scripophily


This site is dedicated to the scripophily world; only site in Belgium that gives you all the information on scripophily.


It is as well dedicated to the experienced collectors as to the amateurs who want to discover this hobby and to the people who want to have an evaluation of old titles which they found.

It is geared toward worldwide scripophily except for American titles, a subject that is too vast and already covered by other sites and / or publications.




Our freely accessible database contains more than 35,000 stocks and bonds and a photo library of more than 23,000 photos.




All photos on this site are protected by Copyright © ABS 2021 - 2022, any person wishing to use them must first receive the agreement of the Association.
The old securities (stocks and bonds) and financial documents presented have no market value, they have only a collection value.



Belgian Association for Scripophily N.P.O.

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Association Belge de Scriptophilie A.S.B.L. 

Avenue de l'Equinoxe, 18 

B-1200 Bruxelles 


N°  d'entreprise : BE 0420507371

Téléphone : 032(0)2 763 33 68

GSM : 032(0)494 04 99 16

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Code IBAN : BE98 3200 1739 4493