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Conditions of the cataloged sale

1) Deposit a purchase order

Participation in our annual cataloged sale is reserved for members of our Association in order of contribution. Any non-member purchaser or any member who is not in the form of contribution must first pay a membership fee of 5 € to the account of the Association or PayPal. If this contribution has not been paid, before the date of sale, it will be added to the final settlement.

2) Identity of the buyer

The non-member buyer will have to give us his email address and mail and if possible his mobile number. These data will be kept with our Association and will not be distributed to third parties.

3) Securities sold

  1. The images of the titles do not always correspond to the titles sold. The buyer is therefore not guaranteed to receive the number of the title broadcast.
  2. The quality specified in the auction announcement is the correct quality of the title offered for sale. There may therefore be a difference in quality between the title offered for sale and the title presented in the image (better or worse); This is because not all titles offered for sale are systematically scanned and archival images are used.
  3. We use the international system of quality evaluation of a title. Annotations of a + or - are sometimes taken to inform an intermediate state. We sometimes add remarks that may have an influence on the price, see: evaluation system   

4) Authenticity of securities

  1. The authenticity of the titles is guaranteed by the Association; If you notice a difference between the title photo and the description, please inform the Association directly.
  2. The auctioned title(s) are sold in the name and on behalf of the seller. The Association is authorized to defend the rights of the seller and to act on his behalf according to the orders he has given. Until full payment by the buyer, the title(s) sold remain the property of the seller. At no time does the Association own the property.

5) Price used for auctions

  1. The Euro is the only currency used for auctions.
  2. The price mentioned for the lot presented is the starting price, no bid at a lower price will not be accepted, the price must be a whole number (no order with cents). 
  3. When for a lot, several titles are offered, the starting price is the starting price per unit and not for the whole lot or part of it, except when specified in the remarks. A bidder can therefore bid for one or more coins. Without specifying the number of titles by the buyer, the order will be recorded for a piece. 

6) Sending purchase offers

  1. Purchase orders for our special sale can be sent by mail or by post.
  2. Orders must reach us the day before the auction at 12.00 Belgian local time. After this period, no guarantee of taking into account your order.
  3. A confirmation of your offer (s) will be sent to your email address.
  4. When you place an offer on our cataloged sale, you agree to pay us within 30 days after the date of issue of the email confirming your purchase(s). 

7) Auction system

Competitive bids

In the case of a competing auction, the lot will be awarded to the highest bidder but at a maximum amount capped at the next lower bid plus one increment depending on the bid amount, for example : 

If the starting price of the lot is 20 € and a person X puts a bid to 26 € and a person Y puts 34 €, the lot will be awarded to Y for 28 € (26 € + increment of 2 €) . This is the same system as the one applied by other auction houses or on Ebay.

If there are multiple identical auctions, it's first come, first served.


The increments are : 

Auctions of 5 and <10 € :             1€ 
Auctions of 10 and < 50€  :          2€ 
Auctions of 50 and < 100€ :         5€ 
Auctions of 100 and < 200€ :     10€ 
Auctions of 200 and < 500€ :     20€ 
Auctions of 500€  and beyond :  50€ 

8) Charges

Only shipping and PayPal are charged to buyers..

The shipping of the titles is done by registered mail. At the request of the buyer, the shipment can be made by simple mail at the risk of the buyer. Shipping costs are independent of the number of securities purchased.

Minimum registered shipping costs :

Belgium :               9,00€
Europe* :             14,00€
Out of Europe* :  18,00€

*No sending of titles for Russia and Ukraine.

PayPal charges 

If you pay via PayPal, the amount of your purchases, including all charges (postal and other), is increased by 3%. 

9) Paiement

The payment will be made only in EURO, either on the current account of the Association or by PayPal (Attention, for any payment made by PayPal, the amount to pay is increased by 3%.


Code IBAN : BE98 3200 1739 4493



will be communicated to payment

No check or cash

10) Shipping of securities

Purchased securities are sent after receipt of payment.

It takes an average time of three weeks between payment and receipt of securities at the buyer. 

11) Contestation about the nature or condition of the title(s)

If you notice an anomaly in the reception of the title(s), please contact the Association directly within 15 days after receipt.

12) Item not provided for in this Regulation

Participation in our cataloged sale implies the total agreement of the participant of all the clauses of this regulation. The Association is sovereign to decide any dispute or to treat any point not provided for in the present by-law; their decision is final. 



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The old securities (stocks and bonds) and financial documents presented have no market value, they have only a collection value.



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