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Stock Exchange

To participate in stock Exchange, you must be an effective member of our Association in order of contribution.

Monthly, the fourth Thursday from 18 hours (exception: December third Thursday), is held a stock Exchange reserved for the effective members of the Association. When this date corresponds to a public holiday or if the room is unavailable, the date is modified and the members are informed by email. During the month of July, there is no meeting.

Our meetings are held at the local De Bosuil, Whiterendreef 1 à 3090 Overijse (Jésus-Eik) Phone : 0032 (0)2 657 31 79. Itinerary

Only active members or external persons (adherent members) represented through an actual member or the Association may put up for sale securities.. 

Any visitor is welcome, however he will not be able to participate or intervene on  exchanges even if he has deposited securities for sale.

A member of the Board of Directors directs exchanges between members and sets prices according to supply and demand. 

Once a year, we also organize an auction of shares and collection bonds entrusted to us, this sale is accessible to all Belgian and foreign collectors..

To cover our operating costs, a commission of 10% is taken on the results of the sale; for an external person (member), in addition to the commission, will have to pay an annual subscription of 5 €



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The old securities (stocks and bonds) and financial documents presented have no market value, they have only a collection value.



Belgian Association for Scripophily N.P.O.

Avenue de l'Equinoxe, 18
B-1200 Brussels
Company number : BE 420507371
RPM Tribunal de l’entreprise francophone de Bruxelles
GSM : 032(0)494 04 99 16

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Code IBAN : BE98 3200 1739 4493

Association Belge de Scriptophilie A.S.B.L. 

Avenue de l'Equinoxe, 18 
B-1200 Bruxelles 
N°  d'entreprise : BE 420507371
RPM Tribunal de l’entreprise francophone de Bruxelles
Portble : 032(0)494 04 99 16

Compte bancaire : 

Code IBAN : BE98 3200 1739 4493